Hydro Power

We are proud of our reputation in servicing the hydro power industry. We perform civil inspections, close visual inspection including rope access, dive survey and ROV including confined space entry. Following the inspection of the assets we produce detailed reports which give sufficient detail to confirm the condition of the asset and to allow any defect repairs to be quantified without the need for re-inspection.

We have a vast wealth of knowledge in maintaining and repairing assets in the hydro power industry including: Draft Tubes, Station Buildings (Internal and External), Screens and Intake Structure, Penstocks and Spiral Casing, Intake Gate House Flooring Supports, Dam Walkway Soffit, Dam Spillway Concrete Repairs, Bottom Outlet Screen at Needle Valve, Roller Gate Guides, Dam Needle Valve Ladder Inspection including GENSIP compliance check, Dam Needle Valve Culvert and Draft Tube Inspection.

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