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Apprentices Reach New Heights

For the past 20 years, Zenith has been a leader in apprentice training in our industry. This commitment and strategy have allowed apprentices to work their way up to senior positions within the company, which has been pivotal to Zenith’s growth and success.

In 2024, Zenith took on six steeplejack apprentices and decided to train them using the OSAT route instead of the traditional college method. This will enhance the apprenticeship experience by providing additional certified training that is currently unavailable in any college environment.

To ensure that Zenith exceeds current steeplejack apprenticeship requirements, we are developing our own in-house training facility at our HQ in Scotland. This facility will sit alongside Zenith’s R&D and testing facility. Although it is still early days for the training facility, as seen in the photos, there is a plan in place to carry out further development over the coming months.

Within the Zenith group, there are currently 15 operatives going through various apprenticeships. Zenith firmly believes that a commitment to young people is a vital part of developing and maintaining a healthy business.

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