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Zenith lead the way in access innovation

Zenith is an industry leader specialising in access innovation.

Zenith provide solutions for challenging access problems in confined spaces and tall and awkward structures. Our suspended access equipment for heaters and vessels is in high demand. It offers complete 360-degree hands-on access to all areas and can be installed significantly quicker than traditional methods.

Traditionally, heater access has been done using scaffold methods, which can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. This often takes up to 60% of the overall time allocation during a T/A event, leaving very little time for scheduled inspection and repair scopes. Zenith’s innovative suspended access solution offers a safe and cost-effective alternative that can be installed by a small Zenith crew in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.

At Zenith, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to solving complex access and repair issues. Our experienced contracts team, combined with our skilled in-house engineering and design team, allows us to fully understand our clients’ needs and provide innovative solutions from concept to execution. Zenith have developed a range of innovative products that solve a variety of challenges, from extreme confined space access to a suite of solutions for heavy lifting and tall and awkward structure access.

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