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Mechanical & Welding Services

Zenith provide industry leading welding services that guarantee the longevity and durability of any structure. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who possess the latest industry accreditations and certificates, meeting both British and American standards.

We take pride in our certified range of welding repair and installation services. Our skilled team work in demanding industrial environments such as oil, gas, power stations, cement plants, and petrochemical sectors, adhering to B31.1, BS EN and ASME standards. Welding repairs and installations are carried out during tight shutdown periods at both high and low levels.

Welder Procedure Qualification/Certification

  • Execution class: Up to EXC3 According to BS EN 1090-2: 2018
  • ASME 1X
  • BS EN 9606-1
  • BS EN ISO 15614 1:2017 and A1:2019

Piping Installation

  • Personnel Trained to ECITB MJI10 manual torquing 18 tension 19 torquing
  • Personnel Experience and ECITB trained to Swagelok Small Bore Tube Fitting Installation


Zenith is a trained and approved installer of the LOKRING® system and able to install:

  • MAS-3000 carbon steel series pipe fittings
  • SS40 and SS-3300, 316L stainless steel series pipe fittings
  • CN-200 90/10 copper nickel series pipe fitting
  • CN-700 copper nickel pipe and tube fittings

The main advantage in using the LOKRING® method is that it eliminates the need for hot works at height in a refinery environment or offshore.


Maintenance & Repair

Zenith specialises in carrying out repairs throughout all industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We provide all of the trades and skills required to maintain and repair buildings and structures. We work for the world’s leading companies ranging from petrochemical, power, steel and cement to academia, hospitals, local courts and much more.

Maintenance – Steelworks

Zenith has a wealth of experience in this essential field of activity. We have decades of experience in the maintenance and repair of structures across steelworks including industrial chimneys, natural draught cooling towers, flares and other tall structures.

Maintenance – Industrial Chimneys

The inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition of industrial chimneys remains our core activity. The successful external and internal refurbishment of these structures requires a thorough survey to establish the true extent of the repair work required. A full digital survey is the first stage in a five-phase operation that includes access equipment design, installation, load testing and repairs. We offer an online hot camera inspection as digital photography can reveal weaknesses and defects that require attention, for example to the interior lining and brickwork, baffle walls and flue inlets. Critically, it also enables engineers to plan in advance of a shutdown.

Steel Chimney – Erection

We design and erect new steel chimneys, replacement liners for both steel and concrete chimneys, ducting design and installation, access ladders and platforms. Repairs and maintenance also fall within our remit, and where this is not feasible we undertake the demolition of the existing chimney.

This is in itself a complex operation as the chimneys can be up to 6500mm in diameter with each section running to 50m in length. Coupled with the fact that the chimneys are often in the proximity of other plant and facilities, this places considerable emphasis on completing the process with the minimum of disruption and the greatest of care.

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Dismantling
  • Guy Wire Services
  • Inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Retention
  • Replacement
  • Verticality
  • Magnetic Inspection (LMA and LF)

Bridge Works

Masonry, stone and wrought iron bridges gave way to reinforced concrete in the early 20th century. Up until then thousands of river, road and rail crossings across the UK were forged by traditional stone and masonry arch construction techniques.

Never having been designed to withstand the impact of today’s environment, the decay and subsequent weakening of these structures is beginning to cause concerns for the national transport authorities.

The key skills of our team at Zenith Conservation, and our Engineers Consultancy, are transferable to assist with identifying solutions for suitable repair, refurbishment and strengthening techniques of ageing masonry and stone (or composite) bridges.

We are able to work as principle contractor or as a specialist to the transport authorities. In addition we are able to provide a reactive service to repair damaged masonry or stone parapets caused by vehicle impact or similar.

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