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Flare Stack Maintenance

  • Flare tip replacement without the use of helicopters or cranes
  • Flare tip replacement using crane or Zenith’s purpose designed lifting frame
  • All required rigging studies and temporary works design
  • Main riser section replacement
  • Installation of tip components
  • Installation of thermocouples
  • Removal and installation of all pilot lines, steam lines & expansion bellows
  • Cladding and insulation works
  • Supply and installation of ladders and gantries to current design codes
  • Qualified PCN operatives for UT, DPI & MPI inspection works
  • Qualified site welding capability to:

BS EN 1090-3: 2019

BS EN 1090-2: 2018

BS EN 1090-1: 2009 and A1:2011

  • Specification and supply of winches
  • Comprehensive guy wire service

Flare Stacks (Comprehensive Refurbishments)

We are able to safely undertake complete refurbishments of flare stacks under tight time constraints. We provide all of the required services in-house including structural engineering, HSE requirements, contract management and highly skilled on-site personnel.

Flare Tip Replacement

  • Flare Tip Replacement without the use of helicopters or cranes.
  • Tip replacement using crane or Zenith’s purpose made lifting frame.
  • All required rigging studies and temporary works design.
  • Partial Rebuilds
  • Tip supply
  • All required supply and installation of tip components
  • Supply and installation of thermocouples
  • Removal and supply of all pilot lines, steam lines & expansion bellows
  • Cladding and insulation works
  • Supply and Installation of ladders and gantries
  • Grit blasting and paint application.
  • Qualified PCN operatives for UT, DPI & MPI inspection works
  • Qualified site welding capability to:

BS EN 1090-3: 2019

BS EN 1090-2: 2018

BS EN 1090-1: 2009 and A1:2011

  • Main Riser design and supply

Demountable Flare Stacks – Riser Replacement & Erection

We are proud to offer our clients a complete riser replacement and flare tip replacement service on flare structures for the petrochemical industry, including all structural engineering requirements.

We are heavy lifting equipment specialists and we operate worldwide and our portfolio of clients include the world’s leading oil and gas companies. Often working under tight time constraints, Zenith has a reputation for safety, efficiency and attention to detail.

In-house, we provide all of the specialist structural engineering, site management, project execution and extensive know-how.

Zenith can design and supply a comprehensive range of replacement rigging equipment including winch supply.

Mechanical & Welding Services

Zenith provide industry leading welding services that guarantee the longevity and durability of any structure. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who possess the latest industry accreditations and certificates, meeting both British and American standards.

We take pride in our certified range of welding repair and installation services. Our skilled team work in demanding industrial environments such as oil, gas, power stations, cement plants, and petrochemical sectors, adhering to B31.1, BS EN and ASME standards. Welding repairs and installations are carried out during tight shutdown periods at both high and low levels.

Welder Procedure Qualification/Certification

  • Execution class: Up to EXC3 According to BS EN 1090-2: 2018
  • ASME 1X
  • BS EN 9606-1
  • BS EN ISO 15614 1:2017 and A1:2019


Piping Installation

  • Personnel Trained to ECITB MJI10 manual torquing 18 tension 19 torquing
  • Personnel Experience and ECITB trained to Swagelok Small Bore Tube Fitting Installation



Zenith is a trained and approved installer of the LOKRING® system and able to install:

  • MAS-3000 carbon steel series pipe fittings
  • SS40 and SS-3300, 316L stainless steel series pipe fittings
  • CN-200 90/10 copper nickel series pipe fitting
  • CN-700 copper nickel pipe and tube fittings

The main advantage in using the LOKRING® method is that it eliminates the need for hot works at height in a refinery environment or offshore.

Ground Flares

Zenith specialises in the installation of ground flares for the petrochemical industry. We provide a comprehensive installation service including all mechanical and welding requirements. We are proud to have constructed the largest ground flare in Europe.

We have all of the in-house expertise to offer our clients an unrivalled level of service.

UAV Inspection & Surveying Service

As part of Zenith’s expanding portfolio of services, we are pleased to provide our clients with our PfCO CAA licensed UAV Inspection and Surveying Service carried out by our team of 7 qualified pilots.

We are able to generate 2D and 3D models from captured survey information and existing drawings. We can accurately determine revised capacities and assess the life extensions of existing structures and structural elements.

Decay, loss of section, material properties, geometry and change of use are a number of variables that can affect the performance and life span of any building or structure. This can all be modelled to represent a snapshot in time and assist with determining the structural integrity of existing assets.

A UAV inspection allows for a visual examination of structures providing photographic and video records. Following the survey, a comprehensive report is compiled by our dedicated team of Structural Engineers. UAV inspections allow engineers to identify and assess the general condition of the structure. This combined with Zenith’s hands on survey capability offers clients a full suite of inspection services.

Our UAS platforms can be tailored to suit the prospective operation, whether it be for extended flight duration, thermography, high definition photo or video imagery.

Visual Survey

Using our 30x optical zoom camera we can capture detailed close-up video and still imagery, even when the survey environment does not allow us to fly close to the subject, such as operational flare tips and chimneys.  Ideal for condition surveys and defect identification on buildings and elevated structures.

  • Flare tip condition surveys
  • Cooling tower and chimney condition surveys
  • Roof and gutter inspections
  • Jetty inspections

Our high-resolution cameras are capable of 20Mp images and up to 5.2k definition video for high quality media for project highlights and marketing.

Thermographic Survey

Our thermal camera uses a specialized FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera along with image processors to render the results on a visual display. We have the capability to interrogate and interpret the survey data to identify temperature differentials and defects.

  • Insulation defects
  • Moisture ingress
  • Building heat loss

Orthomosaic and 3D Point Cloud

We can create high resolution orthomosaic images and 3D models of sites and structures by collecting a large number of individual overlapping photographs and processing them using specialised orthorectification software.

  • Site plans and construction progress
  • Surveying/measurements
  • Asset identification and virtual survey

Topographic Survey and Volumetric Measurements

3D point clouds can be further developed and interrogated using specialist software to produce topographic (contour) maps and surfaces.  Surfaces can be compared to enable volumetric calculations.

  • Site plan
  • Stockpile measurement

ROV Survey

Zenith also own an ROV for underwater inspections providing photo and video images.

  • Hydro scheme inspections
  • Jetty inspections

Guy Wire Services

Zenith provides a comprehensive guy wire service for structures such as flare stacks, steel chimneys and masts. In addition, we specify and supply complete guy wire requirements.

Our dedicated team of fully qualified inspection engineers also facilitate all on-site access requirements throughout the full length of the guy wires. Following the survey, all of the information obtained is fed back to our Structural Engineers who compile detailed inspection reports complete with recommendations.

Please refer to the list below for our full range of guy wire services.

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Dismantling
  • Lubricating
  • Retention
  • Supply and Replacement
  • Verticality
  • Magnetic Inspection (LMA and LF)

Magnetic Inspection (LMA and LF)
Of particular note is our Magnetic Inspection (LMA and LF) service. Electromagnetic tests provide valuable additional information on the condition of wire ropes and are regarded as a useful addition to the visual inspection, particularly, where difficult access precludes a meaningful visual survey.

The permanent magnets induce a magnetic field around the rope, any defect within the wire rope creates a stray field, and this is detected and recorded on the data logger.

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